35% Off Code For Iced Out Jewelry (HD Clarity Jewelry)

I found This jewelry company and was impressed with their products. HD Clarity Jewelry has everything you need to get your self iced out the right way. Here is a link with a 35% discount on their products. . Take advantage of the discount we don’t know how long it will last??? I interviewed them ENJOY

1, Is your product real or fake?

Our products can include real 18k gold plated over real jewelers brass, and we have 925 silver jewelry options. We also take custom orders for whatever someone could want with real 10k-18k gold and si-vvs diamonds.

2, Tell me a little about your business?

HD Clarity Jewelry is a brand made by a young black/mexican entrepreneur whose goal is to help people who want to have good quality jewelry without breaking the bank. Some people like diamond jewelry but are still hustling and trying to get their money up, so our products are a good alternative. 

3, How did you come up with your business name?

I came up with the name HD Clarity Jewelry because me and my quality control team inspect each product to make sure it is the best quality for the price, using the CZ stones with the best clarity available.

4, What type of metals do you work with?

We work with genuine 18k gold plated over jewelers brass as well as genuine 925 sterling silver. Most of our products are made with 18k gold plated over jewelers brass, which will eventually fade (our products last much longer without fading then our competitors) but we also have a section with genuine 925 sterling silver which if you choose the white gold plated option, will never fade and will last forever.

5, What type of stones do you work with?

We work with the best quality CZ stones available, and all stones are hand set by an expert jeweler for a fully iced out look.

6, What piece have you made, you will remember the most?

The most memorable piece I have made so far was a custom order memory pendant made with 18k gold and vvs diamonds. It was so memorable because the customer new every detail they wanted and wanted to make the piece perfect because it was a memory pendant for his late mother who had just passed.

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